The Road to St. Louis

Dec 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Playoff Schedule

Hard to believe, but we’ve only got 30 more days or so in the regular season, which means the playoffs are right around the corner. We’ve laid out the road map all the way to the end, so you know exactly what to expect, however, there’s one little piece of information to remember—it’s win or go home.

With the possible exception of the SECHL Tournament, the boys will need to keep winning throughout February and March to move from one step to another.

Other than that minor detail, here’s most of the news you need to plan ahead.

SECHL – Location TBD

The SECHL league tournament/playoffs will take place the weekend of February 11th, 12th, and 13th. The location is still TBD but will be held on the home ice of a league member. We should know where within the next couple of weeks, my bet’s on NJ.

Should we win the regular season league championship, or finish as the runner-up, we’ll receive a bye and an automatic placement in one of Saturday’s semi-finals.

Winning Sunday’s final game advances us to the Northeast Regional, February 25, 26 and 27, 2022 at Keene State University in New Hampshire.

NORTHEAST REGIONAL – Keene, New Hampshire

The Regional playoffs are based and seeded upon the final M2 rankings of the regular season. In other words, if you’re ranked #1, you are the #1 seed. If you’re ranked 7th, you’re the 7th seed, and so on. The top two seeds from each region (Northeast, Central, Southeast, and West) following the final Men’s Division II regular season rankings will bypass their respective Regional and receive an automatic berth in the 2022 ACHA National Championships.

Each Regional consists of 12 teams. Teams seeded #3 through #10 will receive an invitation to their respective Regional.  Teams seeded #11 through #14 will be filled by conference auto bids.  In the event that any of the conference auto bids are not filled (i.e., team has already qualified, unable to accept bid, less than four eligible conferences, etc.), the position(s) in the Regional will be filled by the next highest ranked team(s) within that Region as an At-Large bid.

The game schedule format for each Regional will be similar to the SECHL tournament:

Regional Day 1

#7 seed vs. #14 seed

#8 seed vs. #13 seed

#9 seed vs.#12 seed

#10 seed vs. #11 seed

Regional Day 2

#3 seed vs. Lowest remaining seed

#4 seed vs. 2nd Lowest remaining seed

#5 seed vs. 3rd Lowest remaining seed

#6 seed vs. 4th Lowest remaining seed

Regional Day 3

Highest remaining seed vs. Lowest remaining seed

2nd Highest remaining seed vs. 2nd Lowest remaining seed

The winners of these games both move on to Nationals.

The 2022 ACHA National Championships – St. Louis, MO

The D2 Nationals begin March 14-18, 2022, at the Centene Community Ice Arena in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Still relatively brand new, the Centene Community Ice Center, which opened in September 2019, is the practice facility for the NHL St. Louis Blues as well as the home of Lindenwood University’s hockey programs. The ACHA will also utilize the Maryville University Hockey Center in nearby Chesterfield, Missouri, for overflow games and practices.

16 teams qualify for Nationals—the top 2 seeds from each of the 4 regions who received an automatic bye and were exempt from competing in their region’s tournament, plus the last two teams standing from each region following their tournaments.

As far as our club team is concerned, they’re taking all of this one tournament at a time.