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Army Preps to Host Navy Feb. 14
Posted on February 9th, 2015

West Point, NY - As the first-ever Army-Navy game at West Point's historic Tate Rink approaches, two questions hang in the balance.

One, can the Army club translate its dominant run against Navy's ACHA Division II team, with two straight wins, to a victory against Navy's ACHA Division I Mids? And two, will the Corp of Cadets and the Army faithful attend en masse on a holiday weekend, bringing a Tsunami to raise the Cadets to a huge win?

The Cadets and Mids will answer these questions on the ice at 4:30 pm EST on February 14, and they won't be exchanging chocolates and valentines.

Until then, enjoy this article featuring Mendham NJ product James Morsch (Class of 2016) and Army's coach, Rob Loderstedt. 

Go ARMY! Beat Navy!

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